Aleksanterinkruunu has 2 sauna sections, one of which is for use by the residents of the house. Both are rented from A-Companies’ office.

Private sauna and cabinet

The private sauna and the cabinet can be rented by both the residents of the house and outside customers.

The sauna area has two saunas, changing rooms and toilets. One of the toilet facilities is designed for the disabled. In addition, there is e.g. seating for about 20 people, tableware, a television, a sound system and a large balcony.

The sauna is located on the roof of Aleksanterinkruunu. The entrance to the sauna is via the B-entrance from the courtyard (Pormestarinkatu 14).

The private sauna can be rented on Fridays and Saturdays, usually between 17.00 and 01.00. The cabinet can be rented for meetings from 8.00 to 16.00 on weekdays. 

Sauna for the residents

The monthly fee for a weekly sauna booking is 10 euros.